energyThere is diverse understanding and meaning attributed to the word ‘Energy’.

Here we will talk about the dimension of energy that is otherwise known as ‘Chi’ ‘Prana’ ‘Bioenergy’ ‘Etheric energy’ ‘Life force’ etc.
My favorite is Etheric Energy because it incorporates the word Ether which according to the philosophy of Plato, is the Fifth Element, a theoretical universal substance, a force prior to matter, believed to act as the medium for transmission of electromagnetic waves.
Etheric energy cannot be seen but it is vital for maintaining life because, in essence, we are electromagnetic organisms.  It permeates all physical matter and space throughout the universe.  A wave-and-particle type of energy, in terms of modern physics, a range of frequencies of energy, and not just a single frequency of energy.
Our personal collective energy, interacts with the universal energy which surrounds us through energetic centers in the body and radiates throughout every single cell. In complex rhythms, the atoms and cells of the body alternate with each other transferring energy and information through electrochemical messages.
This Energy is the carrier of our personal ‘blue print’ through which cellular growth is directed to built the physical body. It is theorized that the cells communicate between them through biophotons.
Biophotons, transmit specific wave frequencies supplying the cells the necessary information on how to perform and duplicate their DNA. So yes, we are light beings, but not the kind of light we see, because biophotons emit on the ultraviolet range of light which is of a very high frequency outside the visible range of the human eye.

This Energy is fluid, it can be influenced, lowered beyond our will or raised with powerful intention and unlike our ingrained belief that we cannot change, we are constantly changing and evolving through this energy. What is true for most people is that we keep changing in the same repeated patterns that keep us stuck.

Like a cycle, all physical, emotional and mental as well as spiritual states deeply affect and are deeply affected by the quantity and harmony or disharmony of our energy flow. As the energy is increasing, the nervous system is strengthened, balancing the hormones and this is consequently reinforcing the immune system, the body’s defense. As the energy levels drop, blockages happen on the energetic centers of the body and this in the long term can manifest as physical symptoms of disease.

The Energy is decreased when we:
~ engage in complaining and focusing on what is wrong in our life and the world.
~ blaming, criticizing and gossiping, in other words acting from the ‘small you’.
~ feeling like a victim who has been treated unjustly or bad things happen to you by fate.
~ doubting the self with limiting self-talk which leads to low confidence.
~ feel separated and alone.
~ spending most of the time indoors with little exposure to sunlight
~ sedentary life (energy is movement)
~ conditional -fear based- ‘love’.

The Energy is increased when we:
~ affirm our self and our experiences positively. Even if we are going through something        difficult we look for the lesson and move on. Confidence in our ability to deal with life.
~ emotional agility. change or adapt to situations by responding to them instead reacting.
~ singing, laughing, dancing excersing: energy is movement
~ connecting with nature especially by being near or into water
~ conscious breathing
~ health promoting diet
~ connection with loved ones
~ finding a purpose and being directed towards it
~ feeling connected to humanity
~ unconditional -universal- love