Happy New Year


Happy New Year is the wish we exchange with each other every year….
but what does *happy* mean?
Is *Happiness*, the ‘Holy Grail’ of our life?
Over time philosophers, poets, psychologists and scientists have tried to give an answer to this timeless question.
There is so much information on happiness > books , seminars, methods to ‘achieve’ it
…yet what we lack is wisdom about it.
It is so important to us that, from the day we are born everything we ever choose to do, we do it in search of personal happiness.
It is an elusive quest, yet it the simplest :
Pablo Picasso said : The meaning of life is to find your gift, the purpose is to give it away”
So the key to Happiness and ultimately to total health, is when we live life with knowing what our contribution to humanity is.
It is when we use our precious time and the precious talents/gifts given to us while here on earth to ‘touch’ the life of other people in any kind of a meaningful way.
It doesn’t have to be something wow, as long as we do it with purpose: Baking cakes, knitting gloves, programming computers, healing others, inspiring others, cleaning, singing, playing music
researching on microbiology, building houses, writing a book on mushrooms, running a hotel, volunteering…
…anything..you name it.
By finding our special gifts and contributing to the wellness of others we are reflecting our own ‘light’ to humanity and this is the happiness that absolutely fulfills us.
Service to others is the best catalyst for our own wellness.
Wishing you a Wonderful, Purposeful New Year
Maria x

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