The body is a Synthesis


We live in a society of constant blaming:
when something goes wrong, in any area of life, we need a specific explanation about it. We need to >point out< to something or someone such as: a virus, bad genes, bad karma, bad luck, bad economy, gluten, subconscious beliefs, the evil eye, old age, vaccines, politicians, retrograde planets, the cold weather, our slow metabolism etc.
In the area of Health/Wellness we need to have one diagnosis: > a name attached to the disharmony we are experiencing in our bodies, even if we don’t know what to do with it.
We need to know the specific organ which is ‘failing’, or the specific food that we are eating and is causing all our discomfort, or the specific gene we have inherited which is to blame..We often say > yes, at least now I know what’s wrong with me.

And what if we are blaming the wrong source?

What if the source is not just one, but a synthesis of causal situations interacting and exchanging information, which is what the organism is: a synthesis of information.
Instead of the need to separate, isolate and categorize something in order to ‘understand what and who we are, a better approach would be maybe focusing on all the interconnections that make up a whole.

Its no use being stuck in outmoded ways of looking at ourselves > The future is in SYNTHESIS,
our Evolution.

Maria x