As consciousness expands on the planet, a growing number of people are looking outside of the mainstream box in their search for more holistic ways to create harmony, balance and wellness in their life experience.
We regard Body and Mind as a Unified Intelligence with great ability for self-preservation, self-renewal and self-development as it is constantly interacting and adapting to genetic and environmental factors _The human drive for Evolution_
Our mission is to inspire the individual to live a life of quality and creativity beyond the absence of disease.

Holistic Wellness Coach
MA Psychodynamic Counselling, BFA / MA  Fine Arts, Clinical Aromatherapy (Dipl.), THETA Healing.
~ currently training as a Holistic Harmony Life Coach with Robert Elias Najemy.


Personal Statement/ Short Bio
I believe that we humans are fluid Energy creatures extending out of and beyond of the environment we live in. Constant Evolution, personal as well as collective are what drive me: All aspects of my life and practice are closely connected to an independent research on the meaning of being a human on this earth. My work as an artist mostly explores themes of transformation and transition.
I first became aware of Etheric Energy as a child, therefore I find it weird when people doubt the existence of this invisible [by our eyes-visible-range] driving force of all life and our constant interraction with it through our 7 [and beyond] energetic centers known as chakras.
Asking me if I believe in Etheric Energy is like asking a metereologist if he believes in the wind.
My first area of studies was Art at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, USA which I’m still and will always practise because my primary mode of expression is visual and non-verbal. After graduation, my childhood infatuation with the energetic centers and the human aura has led me to pursue brief studies in London College of Psychic Studies at Chelsey followed by a course on Aromatherapy. More recently I have trained as a Theta Healing practitioner and at the same time started my studies in Psychodynamic counseling focusing on Psychosomatic therapies and the great effect that emotion has on the Nervous system extending to the Immune system manifesting as physical illnesses. Upon completing my MA in 2016 I  founded EUZHN on January 2017 and currently following a course with the acclaimed Robert Elias Najemy.