It is the living movement of water that makes life on Earth possible yet, it still remains partly unknowable like many other things in our universe. We know it is vital for life but that is just on a physical level.
What we also do know is that water can somehow be programmed and energetically charged with frequencies, even thought conventional science has yet to prove it. When programmed effectively, energetically charged water can help harmonize internal imbalances in our body.

To understand Energetic Imprinting on water we need to look at the world from a different perspective than the one we are used to.
All material bodies that appear as solid, are on their atomic level a large combination of nuclei and electrons vibrating in different frequencies. Matter is not solid and unchangeable, but it is constantly changing and evolving through the energetic information which is exchanged between cells. What is true, is that it may keep changing in the same repeated patterns and therefore appears fixed.

At EUZHN we prepare Energetic Imprints on water or flower essences with each Energetic assessment. They are a carrier solution (bottled water with 15% alcohol) were specific frequencies that are needed can be loaded (imprinted) into it through the QEST 4 system. The energetic solution actually sends back the information to which the body has responded with a reaction, in order to help the system have a better adaptation.
When drops of the energetic solution are placed under the tongue, the specific frequencies enter the body, distribute through the energetic nervous system, and stimulate the cells to respond. In essence, the imprinted remedy notifies the organism’s biological intelligence to kick-start its own healing process by directing the physical tissues to adhere to an optimum pattern.

Some people notice the shift immediately, others can take a longer time to feel any benefit. The effects can be quite subtle or significant depending on the day and the individual. Not everyone is as aware of his or her body as others. In addition, some of us have ‘noise pollution’ where we are overwhelmed with disharmonious frequencies and so the beneficial frequencies are less impactful. However, the overwhelming majority of consumers will notice obvious benefits.

Like everything else, we also vibrate with every thought or emotion and this is something constantly shifting.

‘The world is never quiet, even its silence eternally resounds with the same notes, in vibrations that escape our ears’ _Albert Camus

Τα ενεργειακά αποτυπώματα συχνοτήτων σε νερό, ανήκουν στις ενεργειακές θεραπείες. Επιρεάζουν το νοητικό και συναισθηματικό μέρος του ατόμου και γι’αυτό κατόπιν μπορούν να θεραπεύσουν και το φυσικό σώμα, αφού οι αιτίες των περισσότερων ασθενειών βρίσκονται σ’ εκείνα τα επίπεδα. Μπορεί για παράδειγμα κάποιος να έχει ελλείψεις στον οργανισμό του λόγω κακών διατροφικών ή άλλων συνηθειών. Δεν θα προσθέσουν αυτό το στοιχείο που λείπει, αλλά θα βοηθήσουν το άτομο να κάνει τις απαραίτητες αλλαγές στη ζωή του, ή τις απαραίτητες κινήσεις και επιλογές (π.χ. επιλογή ενός καλού γιατρού) ή μια αλλαγή στη νοητική και συναισθηματική στάση, τα οποία με τη σειρά τους θα φέρουν αποτέλεσμα στο φυσικό σώμα.

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