Essence of a flower is the ‘soul’ or ‘mind’ of the flower.
With their ‘subtle and gentle’ nature, flower essences work to alleviate negative states of mind and uncomfortable sensations within the body. They also work to enhance a positive state of mind.

They do not overwhelm or force something to happen, but they do however, help us become conscious of things that are already happening with ourselves.

Flower essences are infusions of flowers in water that are potentized and then stabilized in a solution of alcohol and water. They contain no scent or perfume and should not be confused with essential oils. Flower essences are very diluted preparations and should not also be confused with herbal tinctures.
Herbal tinctures are concentrated extracts of different plant parts and are commonly used to treat physical body symptoms. In fact, many of our modern medicines are synthetic versions of the extracts. 

Flower essences, on the other hand, while they may also stimulate physical healing, are used mainly to promote awareness of emotional and mental  imbalances.


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