Food is information for our DNA. In fact, along with our Thoughs and Beliefs, Nutrition is a very poweful factor of environmental influence on the epigenetic expression of our genes. Epigenetics is the new scientific direction which recognises our lifestyle choices as the information that can alter the expession of our DNA.

It is true that during the course of our life, we become what we Think and what we Eat. We have the power to overcome genetic predispositions with intelligent choices or become the victims of our genes with bad choices and even trigger chronic diseases with unintelligent nutritional choices.
When food passes into our bodies the nutrients that are extracted enter metabolic pathways where they are manipulated, modified, and molded into molecules the body can use. Those pathways can silence genes or switch them on.

Your nutritional choices, are constantly interracting with your genes and bad choices is what ages you, making you fat, inflamed and generaly robbing you of health.

The worst enemy for your health and longevity is inflammation. inflammation is your body’s emergency response system, a normal part of what your body does. When your body is functioning properly, inflammation should stop after 72 hours.

Inflammatory foods

Reduce unnecessary inflammation by avoiding foods most likely to cause intolerance. That means avoid gluten and dairy, the biggest culprits. Grains, gluten, and dairy cause inflammatory weight gain

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