All our daily thoughts and words we speak are a stream of affirmations. Every moment whether we know it or not, we are affirming and creating our life experiences with every word and thought.
Deeply rooted negative beliefs about ourselves are usually the source of undesirable thoughts and uncomfortable emotions undermining our life quality. From an early age, our mind has been programmed through repetition and negative childhood conclusions to formulate strong convictions about ouselves in relation to the environment and life in general.
Those convictions from the past are usually false, but all current events are constantly being filtered thought them, creating the reality we experience now and determining the quality of our life.
Limiting beliefs are behind our self-doubting habitual behaviours which hinder our attempts for self development, halting our goal-reaching performance, diminishing our creativity and blocking our cells from expressing in the best possible ways.

Affirming the Self
 is a process of reclaiming your rightful position on this Universe and even though the Universe is mysterious and unknowable, feeling safe to belong in this unpredictability of existence.

We have all been created equaly, and as human beings we possess the powerful quality of Free Will to consciously re-program what has been subconsciously stored in our mind as long as we can clearly recognise it.
Consciously reprogramming the subconscious is the action of taking control of the driving wheel of our life instead of driving on autopilot and feeling like the victim of fate.
By consciously choosing empowering affirmations we override old programing and what we are communicating to our subconscious mind is: “I am taking responsibility. I am aware that there is something I CAN do to change or adapt.” Re-programming  is done by recognising the changes we would like to make and consciously choosing words that will either help eliminate something from our life or help create something new.

Emotions are the driving force and the filter through which we experience our lives. They control our relationships, our working environments, body wellness, how we eat, the way we relate to others, and whether we have a good day or a bad one. Emotional states control how we see, feel, react or respond to our lives in any given moment thus creating opportunities or limitations, problems or solutions, ease or resistance. If we are to create any lasting wellness in our lives, we have to first understand the energy of our emotions and how they influence our behavior and shape our world.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom” ~ Aristotle

When we understand our emotional triggers, we are on the way to gain more influence over our lives.


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